Welcome to the FAIR Shop

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Welcome to FairWear's FAIR Shop!  This is the beginning of a marketplace for clothes made FAIR: paying livable wages, made in safe facilities, by workers treated with respect and dignity.  

We are currently crowd funding an effort called The FAIR Shirt Project as a response to the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that claimed over 1100 lives. The FAIR Shirt will be made in Bangladesh at a certified safe facility and will pay the workers a bonus above their normal wages.  FairWear will also donate $1 for each sale to the Bangladesh Humanitarian Fund, which supports the Rana Plaza victims compensation fund as well as preparedness for future humanitarian response needs in Bangladesh.

This is our first step in building a better garment economy.  Garment workers are among the world's hardest working poor, and it is time to stop talking about the problem and start taking action to fix it. Your participation in this campaign will be a powerful tool for us to convince existing retail brands to start making their clothes FAIR certified. So please, buy a few shirts and help us spread the word!

Any orders over $100 get free shipping (including amounts donated) and if you get a group together and order 10 or more shirts, use the code group at checkout for $5 off each shirt.  Thanks so much for your support, and please share the project with your friends and tell them why it is important to you!